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Business Features

Based on many years of experience in helping businesses to improve and implement more effective management systems, Activ has been developed to ensure that it delivers real business benefits, such as:

Increased productivity

Some business software can create extra “hidden work” in areas such as user training and maintenance. With Activ there is a strong focus on the needs of all users to ensure that:

  • Users can start using the system with minimal training
  • It reduces the time taken to do existing tasks
  • Users find it helpful, quick and reliable
  • There is no compromise to data security and integrity
  • It provides a single solution to a number of your IT requirements
  • There is no hidden maintenance work or associated costs

Low Cost

Activ has the same IT framework as that used by many major corporations but utilises leading-edge design techniques and secure ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’ infrastructure. As a result, Activ is perfectly scalable to fit the needs of all types of businesses, enabling them to implement the system at a cost that is typically less than they spend on their mobile phones