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Neville Young : Deputy MD at JTI

Gary is a thorough professional and has the ability to communicate in a clear and understandable manner.

Arthur Zehmke : Factory Manager at Hextex

Gary has good work ethics and always ensures that he acheives agreed results.He also shows intrest in completed projects and always follows up.

Schalk Smit : Factory Manager at Cape Olive Products

Gary is a professional with a deep and knowledgable understanding of his field of expertise. He can read sensitive situations and people well and then make honest and direct recommendations and thereby achieving is objectives.

Harold F Cole: Quality Assurance Manager at KNM Process Equipment Inc

Gary’s absolute professionalism and personal commitment during the process of our company’s ISO 9001 preparations and assessments,was realized when we achieved our registration as an ISO 9001 company in it’s initial attempt. Gary’s valuable insights into the process definitely assisted in this achievement, by guiding staff,defining and simplifying procedures, leading up to the actual audit assessments by the certifying body. I would recommend Gary’s consultancy to any company seeking to develop a quality management system.