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Document Control

Maintaining robust document controls whilst also providing quick and easy access to a variety of different users is a major challenge for most businesses.

Activ’s document control tools enable you to:

  • Quickly access your documents from any location
  • Minimise the effort required to control and manage document versions
  • Ensure that each employee only has access to the documents that are relevant to them
  • Ensure that finding the right documents is simple and intuitive
  • Take the administration effort out of the document change and review processes
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers on documents

Activ enables you and your employees to focus more on providing better products and services to your customers through:

  • Increased “out of office” productivity and greater flexibility
  • Elimination of mistakes relating to the use of old document versions
  • Reduced administration costs in complying with ISO standards and legal requirements
  • Super-fast access to documents through the ‘Document Search’ facility