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Organisational Design and Development

In today’s fast paced business environment, one of the constants facing Management or Business owners is change. How to keep abreast of changing market conditions, changing customer needs, downturn in business profitability, altered competitive landscape, increased or decreased employee numbers, decreasing employee effectiveness or motivation levels – this is the challenge. One of the factors impacting on the ability to respond to these challenges in a manner which ensures ┬álong term business viability, is the lack of a robust Organisational Design.

At ISOPro (PTY) Ltd, our Organistional Development Process focusses on the following:

1. Your Business – understanding all factors impacting on your business performance. Analysis of market conditions, industry trends, customers needs and wants , the competitive environment, your organisations SWOT analysis ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) . By knowing the true “As is” situation, you are able to correctly position your organisation going forward to achieve your strategic objectives.

2.Your Company values , vision and culture – by focussing on “excellence” or organisational effectiveness, you create a culture of performance and delivery.

3. Your Processes or Systems – identifying the most critical processes or business systems that impact on Company performance and rating these against best practice standards.

4. People talent in the organisation – by having the right people in the right positions, you create the heart of your business which drives leadership excellence, personal excellence and team excellence. Development of robust Human Resource systems to create and manage Job descriptions, Performance appraisal systems, training requirements and a complete skills and leadership matrix , forms the backbone of your business.