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Ensure Data Security

Organisations are becoming increasingly concerned about the integrity and security of their data. The most common concerns are:

  • The need to make regular and costly investments in server upgrades
  • The knowledge that in-house data back-up processes are either inherently inadequate in preventing significant amounts of data loss or require costly downtime before the back-up data can be restored
  • Malicious hacking of their IT system

By using Activ as the system for storing key business information, these concerns are eliminated. All Activ systems are hosted in a secure UK data centre which employs the highest level of security and asset protection systems. Supported by this level of IT infrastructure, Activ customers can be assured that:

  • They know precisely where their data is stored and the conditions under which it is stored and protected
  • Their data has the same level of protection against malicious copying, theft, corruption or loss as that employed by blue chip companies and public sector bodies handling sensitive data
  • Their business continuity risk is significantly reduced and they can be confident that in the event of a disaster, they will still be able to access their data and continue to operate without interruption