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Customer Relationship Management

Most businesses only require simple tools to manage their customer and supplier information and monitor their interactions. Activ’s customer relationship management tool provides an easy-to-use database that enables you to store information and access it easily and quickly:

  • Contact details
  • Phone, meetings and e-mail records
  • Customer & supplier related documents
  • Customer Feedback Surveys
  • Supplier performance assessments and audits
  • Customer complaints
  • Supplier non-conformances

All of these features, which are the most common reasons why companies invest in expensive CRM systems, are available in Activ at a fraction of the cost and enable you to:

  • Never miss a deadline on a customer request or contact
  • Provide a personalised service to your customers
  • Focus your marketing efforts on appropriate types of customers
  • Ensure that all employees deliver effective and informed responses to customers
  • Ensure that supplier documents needed to meet your customers’ requirements are valid and up to date